Recent News and Photoshoot Adventures

It has taken me several months to share updates and news so I decided it was about time to talk about what has been going on with me and Mach III Photography. 2011 had been a whirlwind of a year for me both personally and creatively. I had experienced many changes and fun adventures with some highlights including an exciting and awe inspiring photo adventure out West to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, a new photographic direction and a major career change after 21 years as well as few low points which included the death of a close friend who always supported my artistic endeavors whether it be musically or visually.

[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Jenny Lake at Dusk, Grand Tetons” link=”” width=”590″ height=””]

Jenny Lake at Dusk, Grand Tetons

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This year I decided to narrow down my focus of photography to a few key, but I feel untapped and artistic avenues. I have decided as a photographer to focus on what I have always loved…creating art; and with a new found friend and mentor Andy, who has opened up the door for me to the world of high dynamic range (HDR) adventure/landscape/abandoned photography and processing work, I have decided to focus most of my photographic efforts in this area along with continuing sports freelance work. This is not to say I will be totally abandoning my portrait/wedding work but I will be considerably limiting my photography in these areas. I have seen the local population literally explode in the recent year with amateur photographers who are now providing services such as portraiture and wedding photography and I am by no means bashing nor never will bash anybody for doing what they love. I too started out at some point and remind myself of that often. I however feel the market for this type of photography is quite oversaturated and over populated..Reminds me of a recent landscape/waterfall shoot I went on with my friend Andy and we laughed at the hundreds of fishermen elbow to elbow on a small stream you could literally step across.

[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Eagle Cliff Falls, Havana Glen, NY. Opening day of trout season 2012″ link=”” width=”590″ height=””]

Eagle Cliff Falls, Havana Glen, NY. Opening day of trout season 2012

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This, I feel, is how the portrait/wedding business has become, at least locally. Too many little fish in a small pond trying to survive. So I decided I needed to really make my own imprint and stand out from the crowd and do something differently. I knew this was a risk and that the payoff may take some time, hopefully not a long time, but that I needed to stick to my vision and plan and focus on my primary goal as a photographic artist capturing the beauty of our landscapes and the beauty of our past by photographing abandoned and forgotten relics and telling their story through my photographs and words.

[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Seneca Mills Falls and Old Foundation” link=”” width=”590″ height=””]

Seneca Mills Falls and Old Foundation

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Over the last six months Andy and I have teamed up on several adventures to photograph some amazing natural wonders as well as some forgotten and  abandoned locations. We have found some very unique waterfalls, landscapes and abandoned places including a very cool castle, forgotten hotels, hospitals, factories, asylums, and other hidden gems. Most of these places are very cool and make for a photographers dream or (nightmare at times). Depending on the location, many of these places are posted and can be very dangerous to enter so we do so at our own risk and never condone entering or trespassing on posted or private property without prior authorization. However do to the nature and popularity of our work, we are now able to gain authorized access for many of these shoots. I again want to emphasize do not enter places that are posted and I would strongly encourage folks to stay away simply due to the danger factor as well as the potential legal ramifications. I do not disclose locations or information regarding posted places openly but I am happy to share my photos for viewing and sale.

[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”The Empty Chair” link=”” width=”590″ height=””]

The Empty Chair 

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Over the next few weeks Andy, his friend Walt and myself  have some very cool adventures planned. One trip includes revisiting an old winery in the New York finger lakes area that Andy and I visited last Fall but were only able to explore a small percentage of the sprawling complex. Also on the agenda includes a photoshoot of a massive three story abandoned school building that was built in 1913 . We hope to capture the historical significance of the oldest bonded winery in the United States as well as the architectural beauty of the massive brick and stone school building and share the photos and story with our fans. So until then, stay tuned and check back often for news, updates and adventures and watch for metal and canvas print specials.

[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Oak Casks ” link=”” width=”590″ height=””]

Oak Casks

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