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With the massively growing number of touch screen and handheld devices, smart phones, tablets, social viewing media,web and social sites, Original paper prints like the ones on our parents and grandparents walls and stairways from our senior and family photo-shoots, are becoming archaic and outdated. Sure we all enjoy and like our nice 5 by 7  prints in neat little frames on our desks, end tables and entertainment centers. Even now, many of these frames are digital slide show and our smart phones have replaced wallet sized prints.  I remember the days of  sitting in a local portrait studio, Sears or Olan Mills with my mother and trying to decide on  print packages (how many wallets, 5 by 7’s or 8 by 10’s or which one to get in a 16 by 20) to put in to an album that would sit on our coffee table, shelves or hang for a few years on our walls. The digital age now provides us with access for viewing and sharing our awesome photos on our smart phones and tablets, HD televisions and digital picture frames. Instead of sitting around the kitchen table fumbling through shoe boxes of photos or looking over each others shoulders at an album or dusting off moms yearbook portrait from 1986, we now have access to share and view our memories online and view them in front of our computer screens and television sets from the comfort of our sofas in the living room or den. We can even send our cherished photographs to aunt Nellie or cousin Tony anywhere in the world without ordering extra prints and attempting to safely package and mail hard copies of paper photographs.

Our customers now have the option of sitting down with us and discussing all of their interests, desires, needs and creative ideas in a personal meeting before our shoot rather than just looking online to compare prices or how much packages cost. We will discuss what print options will suit you and your family best and is the most convenient for you. We will explore studio as well as location shoots, concepts, design and actual art rather than just scheduling a shoot and deciding on how many and what size prints to order. I will be offering unique and individual pricing based on your needs without necessarily looking at time constraints or restrictions. Your shoot and your final product will be 100% unique and totally about you. You will receive digipacks of all your images in high resolution with a print release so you can decide whether you want to view and share them in HD on digital media, order standard prints at your leisure without being tied to “package A, B or C”. You will have total control of your images. We will also, however provide you with many cool options for conceptual and high end prints and art such as composite work, metal or large format canvas prints. We will always be available to discuss your needs and desires from small simple to epic shoots, day or night.


Louis Q

As a graphic artist, photographer, I strive daily to capture the speed and art of life, tell a story through my photography and take the viewer on a unique journey through my images. I provide my clients and customers with the highest quality product, service, time, and artistic vision that will last a lifetime and more. My goal is to create top notch, action packed, powerful and dramatic photography mixed with a modern vision, story and artistic splash.

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