2014 Art Festival season is upon us and with that I have decided to once again take a leap by getting back into the circuit displaying my “ruinscape” and landscape photographs on metal print format. This year my emphasis with by on my “Junkyard” series featuring metal and matted prints of vintage automobiles from abandoned locations and junkyards across America.

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After two amazing trips across America in 2011 and 2013, I am excited to showcase my landscape and ruinscape images featuring the natural beauty and decay of America. My prints are available on high gloss  sturdy recycled aircraft alluminum as well as professional quality matted prints typically 11×14 and 16×20. Other sizes are readily available for purchase however in a variety of mediums including canvas, metallic and more.

Rewind back say ten to twelve years ago. At that time I was fully immersed in the art show and summer festival circuit. I was participating in about ten shows a summer. At that time  I was not showcasing my photography, but rather my pen and ink illustrations. It was a passion of mine to meet so many other wonderful artisians and fans of art and I enjoyed traveling to many art regional art shows and festivals. I was one of the first few vendors to participate in the Athens Artsfest during its infancy. (who knew what an amazingly huge festival it would eventually evolve into) Around 2007 I began to really develop a serious interest in photography as yet another way to express my artistic passion and my love of pen and ink drawing began to take the second stage to my children, photography and music and I stopped participating in art shows.

2014 will be the first year for me to re-engage in the art show/festival circuit with my photography and I am proud to share that my first venue will be the Athens Artsfest where I will showcase my “junkyard” series along with other ruinscape and landscape images. So much has changed with the advent of social media and new technologies since my early days of art festivals. Despite the challenges and the learning curve of incorporating these changes into my new vision, I am hopeful they will be useful tools in promoting my shows and helping with smooth business transactions and customer satisfaction. I am thankful for those that have helped encourage me and support my decision to get back into the art show circuit and have helped make the transition and learning process easier.

As of now I am planning on participating in the following 2014 art festivals

Athens ArtsFest – May 3-4, 116 W. Pine St., Athens, PA – Harlan Rowe Middle School. www.athensartsfest.com

Keuka Arts Festival – June 14-15, Penn Yan, NY www.keukaartsfestival.com

Hammondsport Festival of Crafts – August 16-17, Hammondsport, NY

Canton Apple and Cheese Festival – October 4-5, 141 East Canton Road, Canton, PA www.paapplecheese.com

I look forward to participating and seeing you at the arts festivals this year!!