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Camaros, Cassettes, Coolers and Chicks…Oh, Fark yeah !!!


The hell with the Hot Tub Time Machine nonsense. Even though I think it would be cool as f*** to jump into a hot tub with a bottle of ice-cold Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill, A boom box, A Penn State National Champion backwards baseball cap under a mob of hair and a bad ass “the things I would do differently attitude” and press the jet spray button back to 1986, There is really no need. Just grab your favorite gal or group of rowdy dudes, a cooler of cold brew or a pocket full of bar cash and pizza money and hit up a Nasty Habit rock show !!

On Thursday June 4th, 2015 I had the opportunity to photograph the world-renowned and amazingly talented band Lynch Mob at The Pines Pavillion in upstate NY. George “Mr. Scary” Lynch epitomizes the 80’s guitar sound and more. With his Dokken shredding riffs on Into the Fire, Mr. Scary, In My Dreams, Tooth and Nail and many more, George IS, in my opinion, 1980’s guitar defined !!

I knew that Saving Abel would be opening for Lynch Mob and they, as fully expected, put on a kick ass show as well. I had never heard of the two other opening bands before this show. One was Shallow Side who was on tour in support of Saving Abel. Shallow Side is an energetic four piece up and coming killer band from Alabama with a sound reminiscent of Adelitas Way mixed with Shinedown and an amazing live show to boot. Stay tuned for my entire Shallow Side story and photos in an upcoming “Live Through the Lens” blog. The other band was the first of four bands on the bill at The Pines. Nasty Habit had started and were into their first of a six song set in front of an excited and pumped up crowd when we arrived. Man, am I glad I arrived when I did. I would have been sorry if I missed these guys. I had never heard of Nasty Habit before but the concert promoter had shared with me prior to the show that he had some great opening acts lined up. As soon as I entered the gate and walked up to the stage with cameras in tote I knew I was hearing and seeing something quite awesome, or to quote what I see the band posting often, “farking” awesome. Being a guitarist myself, the first thing that caught my attention was the screaming guitar reminiscent of a combined Nuno Bettencourt and Eddie Van Halen with tone for days. The powerful harmonizing vocals of the band and lead singer Tommy Ende were just as amazing with a hint of 80’s band Trixter and more energy the E-Bunny on adrenaline. The thumping, heavy hitting back beat was spot on tight, straight up in your face kickin and just damn solid. I love it when I can feel the bottom end make my clothes, hair and inner parts vibrate. They had the total bad ass rock and roll look too. Long hair, (luscious as my 15-year-old daughter describes) ripped t-shirts, sunglasses, backwards ball caps, tight jeans. I totally thought for a moment, with their look and sound, that I had been suddenly transported back to 1986. I even had a smokin hot little redhead at my side along with some cool pals and a few cans of ice-cold brews. These young guns from upstate New York set the tone for one hell of a rock and roll night

Nasty Habit is a young true blood American kick in your teeth rock band hailing from Syracuse, NY. Consisting of brothers Tommy Ende on lead vocals and Kenny Ende on guitar, along with Frankie Wheeler on bass and David Jordan on drums, these guys have a big tight rock and roll punch, a definite killer riff and hook heavy sound and are making big splashes across the U.S. opening for major acts as well as touring on their own. .

After reading the bands bio, I learned that these guys were into the huge 80’s rock bands like Dokken, The Crue, Ratt, Warrant when they were just teens skateboarding. They also cite the newer “pop-punk” skateboarding sound as an influence as well. By age 16, Kenny had learned most of Eddie Van Halen’s song list, which is no small feat and is definitely influenced in his playing style. He makes it look easy and effortless as his fingers flawlessly fly up and down the neck while keeping a hyper, youthful and fun stage presence and smile the girls love.

Barely in their twenties, these already seasoned musicians have an appetite for success with extensive touring in support of their 2014 debut EP “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures” and have recently released a new single and video for “Turn Up the Radio”. Nasty Habit got the crowd pumped kicking ass with their six song set list which included Money Hungry, Waste My Time, Heavens Gate, Goodbye, Bittersweet and Rain or Shine.

Nasty Habit certainly have the right sound, look, stage presence and attitude to go places and bring back a mix of old school rock with their own popish pizza, skate, flavor. They are sure to be a hit with old school rockers who appreciate straight up riffs and harmonies. They will definitely appeal to the younger crowd with their fun hooks, melodies and stage presence. I was impressed with the musicianship and talent that I must say I wasn’t expecting at first glance. I was throughly impressed and in my happy fun rock place while watching these guys perform.

Between sets I had the pleasure of meeting the guys and chatting a bit over some cold brews. They all were very easy-going and approachable and open to real down to earth conversation. We talked about gear, recording, influences, touring and just having fun living it up. I assured them after grabbing some contact info that I would most definitely share them on social media and turn as many music lovers on to them as possible. I was a somewhat disappointed in the crowd turnout for all opening acts as most fans didn’t start arriving til Lynch Mob took the stage. What can I say, a bunch of people missed out on three kick ass bands but especially these guys. If you’re into good time straight up kick ass fun rock and roll music, check out Nasty Habit. I will be catching them again at the Haunt in Ithaca, NY on August 15, 2015. You can count on it. So do yourselves a favor and check out the links at the bottom of this post and follow them on Facebook. See you all at the next show.

Nasty Habits Official Page

Nasty Habits Facebook Page

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