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Them Evils ~ Pure Raw Rock


If you tossed together some vintage hard rock with early 90’s grunge and threw in a mix of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin,

Foghat, Soundgarden and Nirvana, you might get something reminiscent of Them Evils. But make no mistake, this three piece modern heavy rock band with a penchant for that hard hitting ’70’s rock sound are kicking ass and taking names at every show. With straight up hooks, catchy guitar riffs, a vintage powerful electric fuzz sound, cutting high voltage vocals, tight punchy and rhythmic bottom end with a heavy in the pocket groove that brings the classic look, sound, and energy that kicks your teeth in, these guys mean business. Them Evils are currently on their fall 2016 tour in support of the Pretty reckless promoting their latest album, the self titled Them Evils.

I recently caught up with Them Evils at the Cleveland House of Blues in support of The Pretty Reckless, who they are on tour with along with the Holy white Hounds through the remainder of this year. Them Evils completed their killer three piece lineup after guitarist/lead vocalist Jordan Griffin and bassist Jake Massanari made the move from Las Vegas to California in 2013 with nothing else to lose and met up with drummer David Delaney after years of trying to complete the line-up that led them to where they are today. The band describes themselves on their bio page as “A late night joyride through rock and roll’s seedy underbelly, born in the shadows of neon vice and nocturnal living in Las Vegas, nurtured by the proximity of Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip and cradled in the same Orange, County, CA home that has become synonymous to punk attitude and hard-driving rock history, the leather-and-black clad trio pen unapologetic songs that bristle with a nasty energy befitting their name.” The band was a very unexpected surprise to say the least when I caught their set at the House of Blues. Despite being on the bill as an opening act, they played a 30 minute blistering set from 7:45 to 8:15 and could have played longer as the set seemed to fly by with mega energy and killer rock tones. Lead singer and guitarist Griffin sported a black Gibson Explorer played through a vintage Orange amp and his guitar tone alone set the mood back to a vintage gritty 1970’s rock and roll vibe. His vocals were nothing short of, well, killer. Jordan has amazing stage energy and presence, as does the rest of the band including bassist Massanari and drummer Delaney. I heard classic Sabbath tones along with a mix of Led Zeppelin, Motorhead and AC/DC. Massanari and Delaney owned the bottom end rhythm section with a thumping, yet groovy beat and drive. Them Evils are definitely a rising band to be reckoned with with their blend of modern and classic rock. Included in their short but solid set were originals “Untold” and “Have One on Me” as well as an amazing cover of AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you wanna rock n roll)” and Motorheads “Ace of Spades” to close the set. Keep an eye and both ears on Them Evils as the are making big waves in the modern rock in roll world despite having one foot in the 1970’s still in terms of their sound.

Them Evils released in June, 2016, is the bands third studio EP followed by their 2015 release of Cold Black Love and features four killer songs that most definitely pay homage to their hard rock roots and influences. On their self titled release Them Evils, includes the songs “Untold”, “Put Your Love On Me”, “Bleed”, and “Get You Out”. As a follow up to Cold Black Love. This album continues to demonstrate the bands killer songwriting, musicianship and vocals that stay true to the straight up rock and roll as they evolve as a band. While defining their own sound, this newest EP has some killer Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell and good old Zep influences coursing through its grooves.

I recently had the privilege for an online interview with lead singer/guitarist Jordan Griffin who was kind enough to answer a few of my questions via social media.

LTTL: I hear influences when I listen to the new album. Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and even a Foghat and Soundgarden vibe. Who would you cite as your influences and how would you describe your sound?

Jordan: “Definitely everything that you mentioned. Led Zeppelin is the best rock n’ roll band of all time! When it comes to Soundgarden, Chris Cornell is one of the greatest rock vocalists. His melodies and vocal range are out of this world. But my favorite bands are Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Alice in Chains.”

LTTL: I noticed when I caught your show some vintage looking gear onstage. What is your stage setup, gear and go to guitars and rigs?

Jordan: “So, I’m running a Gibson Explorer and a Gibson Es333 into an Orange AD 30, Jimmy Page plays one on “Celebration Day”. As far as pedals go, my main one is the Fulltone OCD just to push the tubes. I also play through a Redswitch Fuzz God and Flynt Strymon reverb and tremolo. That’s it!!”

LTTL: As a three piece, you have a very full solid and dynamic sound. What do you attribute that to?

Jordan: “Sitting in a room for hours practicing, haha, and the amazing sound guy the Pretty Reckless lets us use!”

LTTL: In a few words, talk about your experience touring with the Holy White Hounds and The Pretty Reckless.

Jordan: “It’s a blast! Both bands are full of amazing musicians and great people. We don’t want to go home.”

LTTL: Any major plans for 2017?

Jordan: “Well, when we return home we start writing, then back into the studio with Kato Khandwala. After the recordings, we’ll start touring again and hit Europe!”

Them Evils are a must see. If you like good old kick ass rock and roll reminiscent of the late 1970’s heavy sound but with a modern gritty edge packed with killer energy, ambition and drive, these are your guys. As a three piece they bring it. Full, tight, solid, and dynamic through and through but without the corporate polish. The music is raw. The energy is raw. The look is raw. But the band, as raw and dirty as they wanna be, have polished their own style just the way they want to.

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